ANT software

Get started with the world of ultra-low power wireless sensors

Lightweight ANT development

Protocol stacks and SDKs

Lightweight yet powerful

The easy to use lightweight ANT protocol helps developers make and implement wireless products with a small memory footprint.
The ANT+ managed network gives vendors product interoperability, including a broad set of application-specific profiles allowing products to exchange data and work together.
A number of Android devices have native ANT support.

Nordic development tools
Nordic offers a range of thoroughly tested software and development tools to ease your ANT and ANT/Bluetooth development projects.
From our SoftDevices that offer pre-compiled binaries without run-time dependencies to our SDK with hundreds of useful firmware modules, we’ve got you covered.


Nordic Software architecture


Protocol stacks supporting ANT/Bluetooth LE development

Nordic SoftDevices are protocol stacks that are pre-compiled binaries without run-time dependencies.
Developers can design their application interactions with the SoftDevice for predictable and reliable operation.

SoftDevices are complete and qualified when we deliver them, they are unaffected by the ‘develop and compile’ cycle of application development and always remain stable.

Nordic nRF52 and nRF51 Series support ANT and ANT/Bluetooth LE SoftDevices.
ANT/Bluetooth LE SoftDevices offer concurrent operation between protocols.

ANT & Bluetooth LE SoftDevice comparison

For the nRF52 and nRF51 Series

nRF52 Series
S212 Pure ANT protocol stack supporting all ANT roles and functionality.
S332 Combined Bluetooth 5 and ANT protocol stack supporting concurrent operation.
nRF51 Series
S210 Pure ANT protocol stack supporting all ANT roles and functionality.
S310 Combined Bluetooth 4.1 and ANT protocol stack supporting concurrent operation.

ANT SoftDevices

For the nRF52 Series

S212: ANT

The S212 is a versatile ANT stack for the nRF52810 and nRF52832 SoCs. It supports all ANT features and offers a variety of network topologies, including peer-to-peer, star and tree.

15 individual configurable ANT channels
Broadcast, acknowledged, burst transfer
Device search, pairing and proximity
Advanced burst transfer mode

ANT & Bluetooth LE

Software development kit


The Bluetooth and ANT Software Development Kit

The nRF5 SDK is a high quality, thoroughly tested Software Development Kit to accelerate your software development efforts for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 and nRF51 SoC Series. It contains hundreds of useful firmware modules and examples to assist in building your application.

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